March Top 50 on CiTR 101.9FM

Hectic times call for hectic measures! Our sincere apologies for not posting the charts the past couple of weeks, but please accept the Top 50…



“I would love to have some more haters.”

Under Review

Adrian Teacher & the Subs

There is no genre of music safe from Adrian Teacher‘s ever-widening reach. As his new project, Adrian Teacher and the Subs, effortlessly proves with the…


Editor's Note

With the end of summer already in sight — or already come and gone, depending on when you read this — now seems like the…



Advised in jazz dens, scribbled by beatniks, and nodded during the reigns of rock and grunge; the word ‘cool’ has survived decades of discourse. As…

Real Live Action


It’s always nice to see the Red Gate filled with people ­­for such a cavernous venue, it takes a surprising amount of attendance to really…


Tough Age

Tough Age is a Vancouver success story in the making. The band — Jarrett Evan Samson on guitar and vocals, Penny Clark on guitar, Lauren…