Puddle Popper

<Plintor Drax> Fuzzy, soft, pink, stinky, strong, squishy, warm, wet, covered in slime … <Lounge Vistior> Alive? <Plintor Drax> Germinating relic lounging together in sliding…


Cyb3r Warehouse

In the late 90s and early 2000s, the internet’s novelty and burgeoning accessibility essentially made it a total free-for-all. There was a lot of earnest…



They glided in the cafe on a unicycle.  A sense of opportunism mixed with a heavy, wistful wonder struck me throughout our conversation. Daffodil is…


Sawdust Collector

“It’s great to imagine people working together instead of competing against each other for the same sliver.”


SWARM 18 Preview

What’s better than two consecutive evenings of exhibition openings, performances and screenings in galleries across Vancouver? If this piques your interest, you’re in for a…


Music Festival Lineup Diversity

As festival season has officially kicked off with the arrival of summer, I pose the age old question: Where are the femme, non-binary, and trans musicians?


Vancouver Mural Fest

“Murals have the potential to bring awareness to things that need more of it, and that’s where we see the power of the artform, and we hope to work with people in the community to help do that.”