Locally-based comedy duo, Carmelahhh will take over the world


Vancouver International Improv Festival

What’s better than one night of an improvised comedy experience? Four nights of improvised comedy experience. The Vancouver International Improv Festival (VIIF), in its nineteenth…

Real Live Action

Blind Tiger Comedy: Cruise

I feel strange reviewing this show for two reasons: First, I haven’t reviewed a comedy show before, so I’m already in over my head. Second,…


Amy Shostak

Comedy has always been subversive. We associate it with spontaneity, with a grunge-like resilience, and with ramshackle rooms that somehow always smell “off.” However, few…


In Good Humour: Aaron Read

If you were to call Aaron Read a weird guy, he’d probably take it as a compliment. As a member of The Sunday Service, arguably…


In Good Humour: Hip.Bang!

Much like the intricacies of improv comedy itself, Hip.Bang! is difficult to grasp in conversation. When I ask the duo, comprised of Tom Hill and…


In Good Humour: The Ryan and Amy Show

When they’re not dressing up as lesbians in trench coats, middle-aged moms, or serial killer Aileen Wuornos from Monster, Ryan Steele and Amy Goodmurphy are…


Ivan Decker

Standing at the heart of Vancouver’s stand-up scene is Ivan Decker, a 27-year-old middle child who just wants to make people laugh. Decker began stand-up…