Q&A With Prado

“Everybody wants to be a famous artist, but are you doing things to make sure that your community is safe? Are you catering to the right people? I want my music and everything that I do to be oriented towards women of colour and women being comfortable. I’m fighting for accessible spaces.”

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You are on your way to a job interview, an intramural flag-football game, or a tinder date and you are trying to get psyched. It’s…

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Lou Phelps

On his latest solo project 001: Experiments, Lou Phelps is not just standing out. He is having fun at it. The Montreal native has been…

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Sean Leon

The hook of “Matthew in the Middle” finds featured singer Daniel Caesar musing over the pains of class struggle, asking himself, “Is this Heaven or…

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Too often, Vancouver is overlooked as a hub for talented hip hop artists. Unlike the 6ix, which has enjoyed unprecedented attention thanks to the success…



Waiting For JayKin

“You know life kind of hits you.”



All Of Me

“I really want to feel like all my layers are in my music so I can just be like, ‘listen to my music,’ and that’s actually all of me.”


Special Feature: Freeman Young

I have faith in people’s taste. If you have what it takes, people will come to you eventually and your work will be recognized for what it’s worth.


Special Feature: Spotty Josif

I’ve learned that artists needs to be consistent dropping top quality music to survive. No one wants to invest time into an artist that puts one song out a year, no matter how good.