Anything But Homogenized

“I think the best pop music is designed to give you a sense of the person, or who they want you to think they are. I like to think that I’m just being honest, but that’s never been true of anybody.”

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Weekend Bender

Well thought-out and timely scheduling drove the Astoria Weekend Bender, as it brought together a complete muddle of genres over the course of four days….

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1080p Christmas party

Going by the billing for December 12’s Gal Gracen/Watermelon/Courtneys Christmas-themed triple feature at the ANZA Club on certain event listings, one might be forgiven for…

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Apollo Ghosts

Death is a hard subject to prepare for, even when you know it’s a long way away. When Apollo Ghosts frontman Adrian Teacher announced in…

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The cover of Koban’s debut LP, Null, features a submissive figure writhing under the weight of manifold cords: a victim of some industrial nightmare, the…

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Student Loans Records

The wind was something fierce Saturday night, as the air felt like icicles on my ear lobes walking toward the Astoria for the Student Loans…

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Gobble Gobble

I arrived at the Cobalt at 9:30 thinking I would be late; however the opener JDH did not start until 10:30. JDH is the moniker…