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Under Review: Not for Us? (Short Film)

“These are fake people” sisters Iman and Ilhan tell each other, scrolling through Instagram posts of their friends “glamping.” As they do this, they sit…


Poplife | Film Review

“Come on, boy. We’re taking you home.” Said as a drunken joke, this opening line holds a much more sober meaning in Sam Mohseni’s short…


Mind Mirror

Prior to watching Mind Mirror, I had seen very few stop-motion films, such as Coraline and Corpse Bride, and the experience was very different than what I…

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True North Shorts: Various Positions

If I were to be so bold as to characterize recurring tropes in Canadian cinema, some that come to mind include a suspicion of stable narratives, ironic sensibilities and an attention to intimacy.

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True North Shorts: Escape Routes

One of the most important aspects of VIFF is the opportunity for festival-goers to not only see how Canadian cinema is received internationally, but to see who will be defining Canadian cinema in the future.

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VIFF 2017: New Skins & Old Ceremonies

Short films have the difficult task of storytelling in limited time. There’s no slow unravelling of characters, lengthy development of relationships or plot thickening. But…