Finally discovering the theoretical second way to rock.

I must admit, I was a little nervous to meet Katayoon. With a CV boasting 10 music videos, being a member of noise rock band…

Real Live Action

Slam Dunk

Dating back to the days of Myspace, Victoria based garage rockers Slam Dunk are known for putting on a great show. After a bit of…



“Pop culture is, for the most of us, what triggered our awakening as young adults”

Real Live Action

Art Rock? no. 22

Sheltered by the dungeon like walls of the Astoria Pub, a night of experience approached me. The 22nd art rock? event, coincidentally scheduled on the…

Under Review


Puzzlehead’s collection of garage-punk angst can be a challenge, but by no stretch is the album unlistenable. Rather, it gives the impression of containing two…



Don't Knock The Laughing Stocks

“The idea of pleasing an audience kind of fits into that typical band attitude, and I just think it’s more interesting not to play to that.”