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Malleus Trio

Tenor saxophone, upright bass and drums: that’s all there is to Play Nice, the latest full-length release from Vancouver’s Malleus Trio. While the ingredients might be…

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Soft Cedar presents: Graftician

The Cultch slowly began to fill as the final concert presented by Soft Cedar commenced. Providing local musicians a chance to perform at theatres typically…

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Emerge on Main

I will admit that this is not the typical sort of event that Discorder tends to cover. As we are always striving to give a…

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Creamy Pop: A Short, Sweet Art Show

Considering the current housing crisis in Vancouver, the Wheel of Time Gallery is truly making the most out of a bad situation. Occupying a Vancouver…

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Conundrum #3

Set 1: Julia Geaman sat tentatively behind her drum kit. Slowly and softly, she began to tap on the snare drum, building up a roll….

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Soda Fountain Sketch Comedy

A night so marred by technical difficulties shouldn’t have been so funny, but the November instalment of Nathan Hare and Graeme Achurch’s monthly sketch comedy…

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Things Resounding Things

Presented by ECUAD’s Basically Good Media Lab, Things Resounding Things was an installation by Vancouver sound artist and percussionist John Brennan, to explore the “agency…

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Sawdust Collector Presents Katie Duck

Sitting facing one another, behind their respective drum kits, littered with percussive odds and ends, Ben Brown and Kai Basanta start off the second set…

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Poetry Is Bad For You 8

For me, poetry has always been something to study, to sit with alone and pore over the carefully constructed language. I’ve always been of the…

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Sarah Jane Scouten

History repeats itself. If you were to flip back in time to the September 2017 issue of Discorder, you’d find a curiously similar review. Here…