Staff's Sound-Off

Hey there, readers. How’re you all doing? Miss the sweetness of summer yet? While October gave us a few solid weeks of sun, it wasn’t…

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Long Distance Poison

Ideological State Apparatus by Long Distance Poison Like a glittery, sprawled-out daydream, Long Distance Poison’s piece of ambient cacophony, Ideological State Apparatus, is a captivating…

Under Review

Skinny Puppy

HanDover is an immensely difficult album to appreciate. Even fans of the industrial metal genre will grow into the album slowly, because it just doesn’t…

Under Review

Safety Show

o’ burro by Safety Show There’s something about the blend of Katie Lapi’s fierce voice in conjunction with the rest of Safety Show that’s enticing….

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Eight minutes, huh. Vancouver-based Spirals’ Letom Setab EP is short. At eight minutes short—no, eight minutes long— the EP is a messy tour de force…

Under Review

Modern Superstitions

Fret not, Ontarians; despite the Leaf’s outright terrible performance this year, Toronto has much more to offer than just bad hockey. Enter the Modern Superstitions,…

Under Review

Mark Haney

Aim for the Roses is a particularly difficult album to review. It has so many seemingly interesting concepts, all combined into one unique release, that…