Brooding Experimental Psychedelia In Funny Hats

“It’s been nice to kind of jump back into things and have them go fairly swimmingly.”


Gal Gracen

Growing Up Gal Gracen

“I think most people write or create art organically, but I tend to reverse-engineer ideas.”

Real Live Action

Music Waste Fest Part 1

Setting an exciting DIY, local, and generally good vibed precedent for the rest of the festival, day one of Music Waste at Fortune Sound Club…


Wider Smile

Open Up

“And if you complain about the weather then you are just confused about what you’re even complaining about.”


Joe Keithley

Redefining Politician

“It’s a nice position to be in, to be able to inspire people to do something positive.”

Real Live Action

Ty Segall & the Muggers

By the time Ty Segall walked on stage with his most recent backing group, The Muggers, on the night of his sold out Vancouver show,…




“There’s only so much you can do if you only have one guitar between three bands.”


Tommy Tone

Tommy Tone is Real

“Part of the creative process is salvaging, about trying to take something so despicable, like cults… and turn it into something good, or be productive about it. That’s what I try to do in all my art.”