Art Project: John Pachkowsky

“I have an awful habit of quickly drawing ideas on loose paper and letting them drift all over my desk, so I began by collecting that unruly mass, flipping back through my other sketchbooks and finding the best ideas I thought would be fun to draw and hadn’t gotten a chance to realise yet.”


Halloween Wise Hall Flea!

The Wise Hall Flea’s October edition is on Halloween eve, October 30th, from 11 am – 5 pm. Featuring the best Commercial Drive has to…

Under Review

War Baby

Two years after its release, War Baby’s debut LP Jesus Horse is still revered amongst local music fans. The Vancouver power trio’s grubby, agitated brand…



On Saturday, October 30th, CiTR is sponsoring “GLORY DAYS HALLOWEEN w NEVERLAND + HARSH TOKES”. NEVERLAND are a 10 Piece MICHAEL JACKSON “Thriller” COVER BAND!…


Two-part Halloween Party!

CiTR and GLORY Days are presenting a crazy two-venue halloween party. Not one party, but TWO parties! At the Biltmore Cabaret, JEREMY JAY, FAN DEATH…