Real Live Action


If you thought rock was dead, think again. Slow, as you may know, were the marquee act on the mighty Zulu Records’ roster in the…


Paul Leahy

The best song to dance to in Junior High was Sweet’s “Fox On the Run.” Ricky van Rikxoort and I were the two shortest kids…


Zippy and the Debs Riot

  While watching Pill Squad at Khatsahlano in July, I saw Zippy Pinhead. He was at the front, like he always was when not on…


Strange Fascination

For me, what makes change so unsettling is not having to adapt to the new or mourn for what’s gone, but the way time itself…


Girls Talk

The thing to remember is that at the time, there were only two kinds of beer: Labatt’s Blue and Molson Canadian, both in cans. As…


The Pointed Sticks

“You walked out took your chance, You turned your back on our romance, You said you’d found somebody new, You said the change’d do you…


Joe Keithley

“It’s a nice position to be in, to be able to inspire people to do something positive.”


A Musical Education

I grew up on a varied musical diet: Zorba The Greek, country, folk and lots of classical.  Waking up to Gordon Lightfoot’s “Alberta Bound” is…


The Modernettes

Let’s start with this. If there is a more perfect song than The Modernettes’ “I Can Only Give You Everything,” I haven’t heard it. Double…