DOXA 2021 Review Special

Kímmapiiyipitssini: The Meaning of Empathy When you watch Kímmapiiyipitssini it is impossible not to constantly be aware of contrast. The idyllic mountains around the Kainai…

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DOXA 2018: The Rankin File

Sitting on a stool against a black backdrop on the eve of the 1986 mayoral election, a calm and confident Harry Rankin looks into the camera: “I don’t have any doubts of what I’m doing, I don’t have any doubts that the direction I’m taking is correct, I don’t have any doubts about how I could win an election if I set out to do it, and I don’t have any doubts of how I intend to win an election if I’m going to win it.”

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Carmen Pollard

The final screening of DOXA 2017 was For Dear Life (2017) at The Cinematheque. If the audience was festival weary, they didn’t show it. For…


DOXA Festival

One of the films to premiere last year at DOXA was Virunga, which received an Oscar nomination for best documentary feature.  The filmmaker, Orlando Von Einsiedel applied to DOXA,…


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Lucky you, Rob and I are back as co-Editors-in-Chief! Again the two of us fill up the magazine’s masthead, as EIC, Under Review editor, and…