Under Review

DOXA 2018: The Rankin File

Sitting on a stool against a black backdrop on the eve of the 1986 mayoral election, a calm and confident Harry Rankin looks into the camera: “I don’t have any doubts of what I’m doing, I don’t have any doubts that the direction I’m taking is correct, I don’t have any doubts about how I could win an election if I set out to do it, and I don’t have any doubts of how I intend to win an election if I’m going to win it.”


Super Cool Tuesdays

Art For Everyone

“Look, people in the Downtown Eastside can enjoy the arts and I think that more people should try and bring it into the community.”



“The term gentricide is impossible to tether to a single definition, a single cause, or a single consequence…”


Overdose Crisis

Why We Need The Opioid Awareness Day Of Action

“Summarizing Vancouver poet-warrior Bud Osborn’s protests in Raise Shit, when waging war on drugs, it becomes a war on addicts.”


Homelessness Marathon 2016

On Tuesday February 23rd, a team of CiTR volunteers were live at the offices of Megaphone Magazine in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.  of Vancouver for the…


Here's the Thing

Eight years ago, my parents came to visit me in Vancouver for the first time. I greeted my shaken mother at the backdoor of my…