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Levitation Part 2

Day two kicked off with Burger Records four-piece Cherry Glazerr. The small crowd was rapt as they ripped through a set that was equally ‘90s…

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Levitation Day 1

I was apprehensive to say the least. After attending Levitation last year I had high hopes of the whimsical outdoors, the silk tents, and the…

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The Brian Jonestown Massacre

The coolest girl I knew in high school had a Brian Jonestown Massacre logo sewn onto the back of her denim jacket. Walking into the…

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Black Mountain

The first time I saw Black Mountain was in their infancy. In a crowded bar in Calgary, with Blood Meridian and Pink Mountaintops opening, with…

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It is usually a good omen when a show’s opening and headlining acts complement one another. In the case of U.S. Girls opening for Peaches…

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Deltron 3030

Walking up the graceful red velvet staircase of the Commodore Ballroom ignited my giddy mood. The high ceilings and swanky cocktail bars that adorn the…

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As all good reviews start out with anecdotes, here’s one: I recently got into an argument about the merits of bands reforming without new material…

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The Zolas

I’d been waiting for this night for months: one of my favourite local bands, the Zolas, at one of my favourite venues, the Commodore Ballroom….


Good for Grapes

There isn’t a formula for what makes a band great. Every so often, a group comes along with the right sounds, energy, and optimism to…