The Lion The Bear The Fox

“Son, don’t you dare give up now / Your cavalry has finally arrived, a bear and fox by your side / I think it’s high…

Good for Grapes

There isn’t a formula for what makes a band great. Every so often, a group comes along with the right sounds, energy, and optimism to…

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Discorder Staff Sound Off

Staff Sound-Off!

While a standout soundtrack won’t make or break a film, it’s certainly never hurt. From gems like Empire Records or Pirate Radio, finding the right sound to accompany a movie is an art of its own. This month, we asked the Discorder staff what film they thought had the best music and why. Lights, camera, soundtrack!

Real Live Action


w/ Bear Mountain

Shout Back Fest 2013

w/ Hooves, Scrambled Debutante, Skunt, Lunchlady, and Dead Soft / Artistic Crisis, Gummy Bear, Sontag, Diane, Loose Tights, The Poor Choices, Therapy, and Margy Pepper