The Shilohs

Disjointed, Disillusioned And Back For More

“It’s a big part of your life, basically your entire twenties, to spend with four guys making music. It seemed worth addressing in songs.”

Music Festival Lineup Diversity

Be Better

As festival season has officially kicked off with the arrival of summer, I pose the age old question: Where are the femme, non-binary, and trans musicians?

Vancouver Tenants Union

When Being Polite Stops Working

“So many people across every single neighbourhood are fed up and frustrated with everything.”

Only A Visitor

Lines Drawn Inward

“Canada is built upon erasure, especially Vancouver. I find it really satisfying to dig stuff up. And it’s there. The information is out there.”

Under Review


Tumblers From the Vault

Real Live Action

Kikagaku Moyo

w/ Sugar Candy Mountain, Thee Magic Circle