Hot Head

Weed Poster


So Weed can make a poster that calls out creeps in the scene and nobody really talks about it? I’m talking about the poster for the Antisocial show April 29 that had the heads of three guys on a sword… Did I imagine it? I like that Will Anderson uses opportunities (like the poster of his band that gets a lot of hype) to call bullshit on something, like this one that literally skewered ppl that have rumours about sexual and domestic violence and misogyny. But if that’s what he was doing it didn’t go far enough. The poster was a whimper into an abyss of Vancouver organizers and musicians that don’t hold abusers accountable because ‘he features our band’ ‘he’s a really nice person’. Why don’t people talk about it? Will– you don’t live here anymore but thank you for letting Vancouver use you as a scapegoat because it’s too cowardly to stand up for its own.


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