Fundrive 2019 Show Prizes!


Fundrive is coming up from February 28th – March 8th, and we’ve got a great list of prizes! In addition to the station prizes listed below, donations made over the phone are also eligible for show specific prizes.

$30 or $5/month

  • CiTR & Discorder Fundrive Patch

$60 or $10/month

  • All of the Above
  • Exclusive Tote Bag

$101.9 or $15/month

  • All of the Above
  • C(iTR)ozy Socks

$175 or $20/month

  • All of the Above
  • Limited Edition Fishbowl Tape

$250 or $25/month

  • All of the Above
  • Framed cover of Discorder Magazine

$500 or $35/month

  • All of the Above
  • Host a show on CiTR 101.9FM*

$1000 or $50/month

  • All of the Above
  • Pop Alliance Compilation Boxset
  • Recognition on our Donor Wall

* To air on CiTR, this playlist must be at least 35% Canadian, and cannot promote business or commercial interests


120 BPM

Request a song – $30

Sugar cookies – $5


All Access Pass

Basket of nanaimo bars – $10


Arts Report

Painting – $200

Monochrome artwork – $101.90

Personalized limerick – $30


Bepi Crespan Presents…

New Adidas Bayern Munich long sleeve retro jersey (XL) – $75

New Chrystie NYC pixelated “Celebrity” Tshirt – $15

New Theories of Atlantis’ Lee Harvey Oswald “Lie” Tshirt – $15

New Prince Mugshot (1980 arrest) coaster – $15

Download Code – Xerxes The Dark ‘Tower of Silence’ – $10

Download Code – Bill Bissett ‘Awake in Th’ Red Desert’ – $10


Breakfast With The Browns

Mix CD – $30

Coffee mug – $101.90


Convictions and Contradictions

Be a guest or sit-in on a live show – $100

Convictions and Contradictions (CC) T-shirts (SIZES: 1 XL, 4 L, and 5 M) – $45

Convictions and Contradictions (CC) printed Illustration (8 by 10 inches) – $35

Custom Playlist on a USB – $20


Deliberate Noise 

Deliberate Noise T shirt (handmade, one of a kind, limited edition; size XL) – $40

Deliberate Noise embroidered underwear – $30

Deliberate Noise button pack – $20

Deliberate Noise mix CD! – $15


Duncan’s Donuts

Dunkerchiefs, a handmade handkerchief to dust the donut crumbs away from the corners of your mouth – 101.90

Duncan’s Workout Mix: eating a dozen donuts takes stamina. This 60-minute workout mix will ensure you are conditioned for donut-eating success – $30

Generation Annihilation

Compilation CD of 36 Generation Annihilation approved contemporaries – $30


Intersections (Gender Empowerment Collective)

Come on the show live as a guest – $20

Friend date at CiTR with one of the collective members – $15

Play 5 songs on air of your choice – $5


Into The Woods

A warm cup of radio friendship — in the form of a mug! – $101.90

USB drive mixtape feat. Mel’s favourite tracks – $30

La Fiesta

2 Free dj service for 2 parties – $500

Free DJ service for one party – $300

A one on one with me at their favorite coffee shop – $175

One dozen donuts – $60

1 Free CD of top 2018 Latin songs – $30


Live From Thunderbird Radio Hell

Future live performance on Radio Hell of your band – $200

Morning After Show

Tickets to the next Super Chido Productions show – $30

Band who donate the biggest amount get a whole hour of their music on air – $30

Co Host a show – $20

Nardwuar The Human Serviette Presents…

Nardwuar Pack – $175

(Courtesy Nardwuar Records, Beat Street Records)

*Nardwuar – Welcome to My Castle DVD
*Nardwuar – Doot doola doot doo DVD
*Nardwuar Button Set
*Nardwuar Mural T-Shirt
*The Evaporators T-Shirt
*The Evaporators -Gassy Jack Vinyl LP
*The Evaporators -U.E.L. Vinyl LP
*Original Sealed Box of Vintage 1989 New Kids on the Block Photocards
and Stickers
*Original 1990 Sex Pistols Rock ‘n’ Roll Comic Book
*Original 1990 Metallica Rock ‘n’ Roll Comic Book
*Razorcake Fanzine

Books Pack – $175

(Courtesy Arsenal Pulp Press, Georgia Straight,
Patrik Sampler , ANCHOR, Random House of Canada)

*Georgia Straight 50th Anniversary –  Doug Sarti & Dan McLeod Book
*Liquor, Lust, and The Law: The Story Behind Vancouver’s Legendary
Penthouse Nightclub – Aaron Chapman Book
*Murder by Milkshake  – Eve Lazarus Book
*Beautiful Scars: Steeltown Secrets, Mohawk Skywalkers, and the Road
Home – Tom Wilson Book
*The Ocean Container – Patrik Sampler Book
*A Newfoundlander in Canada – Allan Doyle Book

Vinyl Records Pack #1 – $101.90

(Courtesy Mint Records, Beat Street
Records, Supreme Echo Records)

*Peach Kelly Pop Gentle- Leader Vinyl LP
*Dumb Seeing – Green Vinyl LP
*The Pack A.D.- Tintype Vinyl LP
*Lorna Shore- Flesh Coffin Vinyl LP
*Witches Hammer 7 inch Vinyl
*2 Beat Street Records Slip Mats
*Mint Records Tote Bag

Vintage Poster/Cards and Vinyl Records Pack – $101.90

(Courtesy Neptoon Records)

*Original Sealed Box of Vintage 1991 ‘Yo MTV Raps’ Photocards and Stickers
*Original 1967 Velvet Underground Handbill from The Retinal Circus in Vancouver
*Thee Manipulators – Ease Up on the Breakdowns Vinyl LP
*Percheron – Ain’t Dead Yet Vinyl LP
*Three Wolf Moon – S/T Vinyl LP
*Neptoon Records Tote Bag

Vinyl and DVD Pack  – $60

(Courtesy MVD Visual)

*Chromatics – Dear Tommy Vinyl LP
*Daniel Caesar -Freudian Vinyl LP
*The Drums-  Vinyl LP
*Chokehold – Vinyl LP
*Together Pangea – Badillac  Vinyl LP
*B. Dolan-Fallen House, Sunken City  Vinyl LP
*B. Dolan Live Evel Vinyl LP
*Dave Dub – The Treatment Vinyl LP
*Vex Ruffin  – Crash Course Vinyl LP
*Baron Zen & Tekblazer  Electrik Surgery  Vinyl LP
*The Step Kids  Vinyl LP
*Giving Up The Ghosts: Closing Time at Doc’s Music Hall DVD
*Children of the Stars (about UFO Contactees)  DVD


No Dead Air

I’ll make you a mixtape. You can choose from the following moods/genres: 1) Your favourite No Dead Air Episode! (songs/live performances only) 2) Invigorating Swing and Soothing Strings 3) Beats and Bars 4) Twisted Techno 5) Molasses Mix – Slow Moving Ambient Soundscapes 6) ??? – A True Mixbag – $20

A chance to win a Vinyl and CD indie collectors starter pack:

Includes 9 records (some coloured vinyl, some deluxe edition), and 3 LateNightTales CD compilations. Est. value $100!!!
Latenighttales – Snow Patrol CD
Latenighttales – Artic Monkeys CD
Latenighttales – Belle & Sebastian CD
Youth Lagoon – Year of Hibernation
Sunn0)) – Monoliths and Dimensions
american football – LP2
Metric – Art of Doubt
Flying Lotus – Cosmogramma
Pink Floyd – Dark Side of the Moon
Radiohead – A Moon Shaped Pool
Tame Impala – Lonerism – $10


Pacific Pickin’

Great Bluegrass CD (1) – $25

Great Bluegrass CDs! (6) – $101.90

CDs available:

*Appalachian Road Show
*Nancy Cassidy – River’s Rising
*Chad Darou – Raising the Bar
*Epilogue – A Tribute to John Duffey
*The Earls of Leicester – Live at the CMA Theater
*Fink, Marxer, Gleaves – Shout and Shine
*Bela Fleck & Abigail Washburn – Echo in the Valley
*Clay Hess Band – Just Another Story
*The Hillbenders (2 copies)
*I’m With Her – See You Around
*Lorraine Jordan & Carolina Road – True Grass Again (3 CDs – the single, the EP and the full Project)
*Missy Raines – Royal Traveller (2 copies)
*Frank Solivan & Dirty Kitchen – If You Can’t Stand the Heat (2 copies)


Radio Pizza Party

We throw you a (Radio) Pizza Party!
Bring some friends and me and Jack will throw you a pizza party! What will that entail? Pizza and tunes of course! If you want we can pump those tunes and eat pepperoni together or have a few slices of cheese and listen to podcasts. It’s your party! You choose! – $100

15 minutes pep talk over the phone from Jack.
Jack will call you and give you a pep talk on whatever you want for a whole 15 minutes. Need to feel amped for a job interview? Jack’s got your back. Going out on a date with that new flame? Jack will boost your confidence for a whole 15 minutes. Ask him questions and let his words of encouragement rain upon you – $50

A personalized gift card from Tristan pretending to be a loved one proud of you
Get a special gift card sent to you in the mail with a message from a hypothetical loved one telling you how proud you make them everyday and how they really have hope for your future! If you have a preference of who it’s from let Tristan know! – $25

Personalized free-style rap song about you LIVE ON-AIR!
Either Tristan or Jack will rip a mad freestyle (as we have been known to do) on our Fundrive show about you! If you want to provide prompts on details you want incorporated let us know. – $15

A fair and respectful compliment
Jack and Tristan will both pay you a well deserved compliment LIVE ON AIR on our Fundrive show. We will also send out tweets on our personal Twitter pages (tbone_wheeler and jack_lamming) repeating that compliment (If you don’t want the Tweet let us know!) – $5


Suburban Jungle

Drink mixer – $250

Tshirt – $150

Mix CD – $100


The Reel Whirled

The Perfect-Night-in Movie Gift Basket – $50

Pair of Free Tickets to the Rio Theatre – $30

Surprise Movie Poster – $10


Thunderbird Eye

Thunderbirds Swag Bag and T-Shirt – $100

UBC Baseball Premium Ticket Pairs – $50

UBC Thunderbirds Snapback Hats – $25

A UBC Thunderbirds Sports Haiku – $10


Too Dreamy

Enter to win a date with Audrey and the Catfe kitties! (One winner!) – $20

Kellarissa “Ocean Electro” LP – $15

Girls Rock Canp T-Shirt – $10

A copy of My Friend Goo – a queer 90s kid zine by Audrey – $5


Unceded Airwaves (Indigenous Collective)

$25 gift card to Massy Books + Unceded Airwaves tote bag + poem read to you on-air – $75

Surprise book + Unceded Airwaves tote bag + choose a song to be played on-air – $50

Unceded Airwaves Tote Bag + choose a song to be played on-air – $15