Under Review

Easy Money

Bands live and then bands die. That’s what happens sometimes. Countless hours are spent toiling away in a jam space until time is up. Recordings…


Dad Thighs

Real Emotional Content

“A lot of people come up to me and tell me how nice it is to hear those feelings.”


Gary Cassettes

Every summer, the city of Victoria hosts the Eventide Music Series, an all-ages concert program that takes place in the strange Modernist pavilion of Centennial…


Kye Plant

Creating Catharsis

“It’s a way of expressing myself and touching on that energy inside of me that’s really overwhelming.”


Rifflandia Festival 2016

This September 15th – 18th, Victoria’s 9th annual Rifflandia Festival is back with another amazing three-day musical extravaganza! The festival features a truly diverse lineup of artists across…


Holy Smokes

Holy Smokes was essentially born out of frustration — a detail unrelated to the development of its name, yet fitting if you think about a…

Real Live Action

Laurel Halo

Waiting at Victoria’s Swartz Bay terminal, browsing Instagram, I came across a picture from Laurel Halo’s account, taken in Puget Sound presumably on a return…

Real Live Action


I arrived at the Red Gate just before ten to catch the opening acts for the night’s show. I walked into the darkened room where…



French Connection

“After you’re a band for a bit, you’re trying to go after a feeling more than a sound, just trying to make it more eclectic.”


Pretty Good Not Bad Festival

Picture yourself in an indoor climbing gym. A fancy, state of the art one, with walls forming angles you didn’t think possible for the human body…