Under Review

Bridal Party

Negative Space

Self-Released ; 20/10/2017

Indigo Smart

With the release of their third album, Negative Space, Bridal Party reinforces their musical prowess. The latest work of this Victoria-based indie pop five-piece is small but mighty. Negative Space flows the listener through five refreshingly unique tracks with ease and enviable grace.

“Fruitless” wastes no time with easing the listener in, setting up the album with the blissfully exotic marriage of melody and bass. Transitioning into “Makes Me Wanna” provides an immediate contrast to the high-speed opening track, one that highlights Bridal Party’s versatility. It’s an accomplished four-minute display of complementary elements, the addition of Joseph Leroux’s vocals intertwining seamlessly with Suzannah Raudaschi’s now familiar voice. Instrumentally, “Makes Me Wanna” utilizes clever cymbal work that pairs beautifully with the lead-footed bass pedal, flowing into the body of Negative Space with elegance. “Tips” opens with an ear-perking instrumental duet, before the primary focus returns to the vocals of Raudaschi. “Tips” floods the middle of the EP with the familiar tug of introspection, lyrics often questioning and vocals always curious. Negative Space tumbles through the mystical “Man of One of My Dreams” and lands in “Tokyo (Outro)” for a slow-burning, lyric-free finale. What “Tokyo (Outro)” lacks in vocals, it compensates for with the gentle reminder that simple, well-executed instrumental harmony can be extraordinarily effective. Negative Space’s outro reiterates an album’s worth of melancholy introspection without a single spoken word, taking the time to ease the listener out of the EP that “Fruitless” didn’t need to use to ease you in.

Negative Space’s proficiency is showcased through its gentle instrumental dexterity. The power of Bridal Party’s sound is found in the contrast between its weightless, floating vocals and the bass line that tethers it in reality. Through its varied vocals and bass-heavy instrumentals, Negative Space is a potent medley of melancholy.