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Pop Alliance Appreciation Party

The Pop Alliance Appreciation Party wasn’t the first Friday night I found myself at Red Gate — but it was certainly among the most memorable….

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A Very Fatal Murder

Would you listen to a comedic podcast if you are the main butt of the joke? How about if it specifically makes fun of you…

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Seth Kay

After your first listen of Seth Kay’s debut album, Attention, you could be forgiven for thinking that the Vancouver artist has at least a dozen…

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Carrying a dark intensity that mirrors the complexion of her self-released singles, Vi’s latest work, blackwater, carves itself a place in an accusingly poignant wasteland…

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Unknown Mobile

Vancouver / Montreal producer, Unknown Mobile first came on the radar in 2016 with the apply titled No Motion EP on local label ASL Singles…

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Leathan Milne

In March, Vancouver-based singer-songwriter, Leathan Milne, released his second album, There is the Ground Beneath Us. Lush, moody harmonies and folk fundamentals create a sound…

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With their third LP, Montreal’s brightest post-punk group explores the reaches of the genre. Polished and tightly packed at a tidy 40 minutes, it proves…

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Basic Instinct

If you’re a fan of getting lost in sludgy, wall-of-sound metal, Basic Instinct’s debut album is for you. At least, that’s the impression that Equinox…

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Ben Bradley

In 1871, the Confederation of Canada amalgamated its seventh province. British Columbia — unceded indigenous territory of coastal and mountainous regions — joined Canada East…