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Birthday Bitch

26 is the second EP from Birthday Bitch, their first being a two track demo. The latest release from the Vancouver trio captures nuanced melodies…

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Shrouded Amps

Density is a ratio of a substance’s mass and volume — a way of equating the concentration of matter within a space. It is as…


Prairie Cat Is Cary Pratt

“I would still be making the same record, working in those parameters,” testifies Cary Pratt, speaking to the shift his upcoming Prairie Cat album represents. As we converse, the café speakers blare doo-wop and soul music — the essential canon of pop music.


Vancouver Mural Fest

Cooling Down The Hot Seat

“Murals have the potential to bring awareness to things that need more of it, and that’s where we see the power of the artform, and we hope to work with people in the community to help do that.”

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Feelin Weird

Feelin Weird is a podcast created by Kye Plant, a musician based in Victoria, B.C.. Produced out of Plant’s bedroom, each episode discusses taboo subjects,…

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The dramatic irony of the United State’s Commander in Chief being a climate change denier is that his estate is in Mar Al Lago, Florida;…

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Retail Nightmares

If you’ve ever worked a regrettable job that left you feeling deflated, frustrated, or lacking in empathy for the human condition than Retail Nightmares is…

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Nathan Shubert

Beautiful. That’s the best way to describe Nathan Shubert’s album Folds. The songs evoke an intimate, homey feeling, akin to staying in the house depicted…

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Ghost Thoughts

Purple Period starts off with “David: My Father’s Father’s Father.” Immediately, I feel like I’m floating and I continue to feel this way throughout the…