Hogan’s Alley


“This is a chance for us is to create and hold space for ourselves, to offer something to the greater community”

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Stop Podcasting Yourself

Ten minutes into their inaugural episode of Stop Podcasting Yourself, Graham Clark asks his co-host, Dave Shumka, “Is this what podcasts sound like?” They had…

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JB The First Lady

Whether she is rapping, singing or performing spoken word, JB the First Lady‘s smooth vocals and agile flow make her a captivating storyteller. On her…


Blind Tiger Comedy


“We want to see more women in comedy, it’s about making a space for them.”


#metoo, now what?

Over the last month, Vancouver has seen dozens of significant call-outs of sexual predators on social media. So, now what? I have researched some texts…

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Ornament & Crime

The two members of Vancouver’s Ornament & Crime took their name from the title of an essay published in 1910 by Austrian architect Adolf Loos….

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Holy Hum

Halfway through All Of My Bodies’ centerpiece “White Buzz,” the muted drum patterns and ambient synths – that the listener has long since become accustomed…


Good Night Out Vancouver

Location, Location, Location

“The only real way to make that shift is understanding and recognizing that women and femmes contribute to the nightlife and music industries on all levels.”