Under Review

The Belle Game

There is a theory that a band’s sound grows as the venues they play grow in size, height, and splendour. Artists who begin their careers…

Under Review


Vancouver does not deserve local pop-duo Rococode. For, our city has an abusive relationship with pop music. Local scenes often look down on it, as…


Glad Rags

Laughter and Noise

“Let’s be loud instead of being quiet.”


Francesca Belcourt

They're Not Songs, They're Zongs

“That’s why I called it Zongs,” she says, “because I don’t really think about them as songs. They’re just something weirder than that to me.”


The Flintettes

“We were all friends from playing in other bands.” Mike Flintoff, thin, sanguine, and bespectacled, sits at a 90 degree angle from me in the…