Real Live Action

King Krule

I entered the Vogue Theatre to a saxophone solo: a fair introduction to the complicated post jazz group, Standing on the Corner. Informed by improvisational…


Sawdust Collector

The Dust Has Settled

“It’s great to imagine people working together instead of competing against each other for the same sliver.”

Real Live Action

Marbled Eye

When Vancouver locals Tough Customer ended their set, the band clustered together on stage in fits of laughter. Kat grabbed the mic and addressed the…

Real Live Action


The Reptaliens had already begun when I stepped into the Rickshaw. They were wooing folks out of theatre seats and towards the stage, a rarity…


Canada On Screen At The Cinematheque

In keeping with avant-garde roots, Vancouver’s Cinematheque is host to an ambitious nation-wide project this year: Canada On Screen. It aims at familiarizing Canadians with…



A Really Fucking Good Band

“I definitely don’t think people should underestimate the influence they can have sometimes.”

Real Live Action

Ora Cogan

The opener for Ora Cogan’s album release for Shadowland was Paul Stewart, performing a soft set accompanied by Missy Donaldson on keys, and Justin Devries…

Real Live Action

J. Albert

It takes a friend, who knows a friend, who knows where they’re going to find Sweetpup, and that’s the way the organizers like it. The…