When conceiving CURRENT: A Pacific Northwest Feminist Electronic Arts Symposium Ashlee Luk, Nancy Lee and Soledad Muñoz knew that it was important for it to be an overtly intersectional feminist space…. CURRENT runs from July 28-30 in Vancouver, BC


International Women’s Day 2017

Photo Credit | Peter Warkentin On January 21st 2017, millions of people around the world marched in solidarity with Women, Muslims, Immigrants, Indigenous people, members…


Glad Rags

Laughter and Noise

“Let’s be loud instead of being quiet.”


Dystopia Dreaming

Apocalypse? Now Please!

“The internet is this mirror to the biosphere and the natural connection that humans and other entities have in an energetic sense, almost like the currents that comprise the ethereal structure of our reality is kinda mirrored in the web of our reality.”