“Our mandate is to serve, instruct and inform the UBC and Greater Vancouver Community through radio broadcasting by supplying alternative, progressive, informative and community-oriented programming.”

CiTR 101.9 FM is the broadcasting voice of the University of British Columbia (UBC), bringing alternative programming to over two million listeners from Bellingham to Squamish, Point Grey to Langley.

Produced by campus and community volunteers, CiTR provides a unique listening experience:

  • Student runA campus-based community station, CiTR encourages student involvement. CiTR Student Executives make management decisions alongside a team of dedicated staff.
  • Community supportedCommunity support allows us to promote diverse cultural coverage at less than four minutes of advertising per hour. Besides musical genres of all kinds, we broadcast news, comedy, issues programming, Thunderbird Sports, and more.
  • Nationally recognizedOfficially licensed, we are fully regulated by the Canadian Radio and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) and are active members of the National Community Radio Association (NCRA), a body dedicated to lobbying support on behalf of community radio in Canada.


Learn more by reading our Constitution and Bylaws.

Annual Reports

Learn more about we’re doing each year in our Annual Reports!

Annual Report 2008-09

Annual Report 2009-10

Annual Report 2010-11

Annual Report 2011-12
Annual Report 2012-2013

Annual Report 2013-2014


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Station Timeline

1886 - Vancouver burns down. Good thing UBC Radio doesn’t exist yet.

1937 - And then it does! Sort of. Bored students play records on a gramophone in the cafeteria over lunch. “Varsity Time” becomes a regular feature on CJOR. There is a great disturbance in the force.

1938 – UBC Radio becomes an official student club!

1940 - Pierre Berton assumes role of Radio Society’s Chief Announcer.

1950 – Closed-circuit broadcasts begin in residence. UBC Radio Club and CKWX (BC Association of Broadcasters) start a 22-week commercial radio school.

1969 - A new Student Union Building arrives with cutting-edge, professionally-designed studios! Also, we officially become CYVR.

1974 January – CYVR is shut down for neglecting to keep up their license.

1974 July – CRTC Decision 74-260 reinstates UBC Radio as Thunderbird Radio: CiTR

1975 - CiTR backpacks Europe trying to find itself, experimenting with 89.5, 95.9, 88.9, 100.0, and 101.9 MHz.

1982 - CiTR finally meets FM and they fall madly in love, broadcasting sweet 49-mono-watts together at 101.9FM.

1983 - Wild-child Discorder is born.

1985 – Seattle’s Rocket Magazine picks Discorder as one of the “Top 20 Publications in the World” for 1985, the only Canadian magazine on the list.

1988 - Discorder a finalist for “Magazine of the Year (circulation < 20,000)” and “Cover of the Year” (50th issue cover, March ’87) at the Western Canada Music Awards

1989 - CiTR pumps up the jam to 1800 megakilowatts with a giant balloon release. First song? “Have Not Been the Same” by Slow.

1997 - Nardwuar The Human Serviette sneaks into APEC and asks Jean Chretien what he thinks of pepper spray. The answer? “I put pepper on my plate.”

2007 - CiTR becomes one of the first campus/community radio stations to offer podcasting, proudly moving into the internet age.

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