Hazel Meyer

“This is a show about power.” It is a white room that invites you in, and offers its various pieces to you as though showing…


Activism, Art, & Archives: Recollective

Recollective: “capturing [the] notion where arts and archiving intersect with activism, social movements, community networks, collective actions [and] histories of resistance [that form] a decentered idea of the archive.”

Real Live Action

Pugs & Crows

The paper tacked to the door of the Western Front read plainly: “CONCERT TONIGHT, 9 PM.” There was no mention of the band — Pugs…

Real Live Action

Scrivener’s Monthly

“Thanks everyone for coming to Scrivener’s Monthly, though if you know anything about us, you’ll know it’s not monthly, but anytime we feel like it,”…

Real Live Action

Inside Us

As the final round of applause filled the room, I couldn’t help but feel the blood coursing through my veins, hear the rush of air…

Real Live Action

Lief Hall (Video Release)

Stopping at the merch table on my way into the Grand Luxe Hall of the Western Front, I inspected Lief Hall’s latest cassette. An image…


Gabi Dao

“No matter how psychedelic and affective and deep from your intuition [ideas] come from, I feel like they are always responding to what happens in real life.”


Vancouver Improvised Music Meeting 2017

Vancouver Improvised Music Meeting 2017 presents 3 nights of creative improvisation, featuring pedal steel guitarist Susan Alcorn, drummer/percussionist Ted Byrnes and saxophonist, flutist and clarinetist…

Real Live Action

WAVE Equation: Matmos

With tickets sold out, attendees seated on rows of chairs and sprawled on the floor, the Western Front’s mood was eclectic. Storied electronic artists, such…