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Music Waste 2018 pt. 1

Music Waste is always a scramble of a weekend, desperately dashing between venues, leaving sets early and arriving moments too late to see all the…

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The Giving Shapes

Tucked away a block off Broadway is the Woodland House, sitting so inconspicuously among its peers that I walked straight past it on my first…

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ArtsWells 2017

A festival all-things-art, the final pilgrimage for west coast tree planters, a powerful and magnificent gathering of eclectic, inclusive and ecstatic humans. With over 12…

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Tidal ~ Signal II

When I walked into Tidal ~ Signal II at the VAL Villa, Vancouver Art and Leisure’s fantastic Railtown venue, it felt dark and spacious. Having…

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Photo Essay: Ivory Towers

You have chosen to look into your own reflection. You immediately turn to stone and fall to the ground. You sit for centuries gathering moss,…



Siren Songs

“I want to juxtapose beauty and dissonance.”

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Jenny Hval

A week and a day after the election, the air of the Biltmore was still heavy. The audience felt raw from the emotional exhaustion of…

Real Live Action


In 2012, Brandon Hoffman was living in Vancouver and recording music under the name Blocktreat. In 2014, he moved to the interior of British Columbia…