Real Live Action


Arriving at VENUE at 7:30pm, I was surprised to see a nearly empty room. It was Saturday night, and it was to be an early…


Rickshaw Theatre

Attending a show at the Rickshaw Theatre is a very unique experience. Right from the entrance, the venue feels comfortable. The staff out front seem…

Real Live Action

Psychic TV

On October 1, experimental music pioneers and culture reprogrammers Psychic TV came to Vancouver. The ever-evolving collective, led by the one and only Genesis P….


The WISE Hall

The WISE Hall is a dim but homely space, with dark wooden floors and lights strung into a canopy overhead. My voice echoes across the…

Real Live Action


I stood in a long line that snaked its way out of Venue nightclub and onto the Granville strip, shoulder to shoulder with fans anxious…


Hot Art Wet City

“I’m able to show the art, expose it, but the artists have to push themselves.”


Spartacus Books

“People join with great intentions, and partly they want to change the world.”

Real Live Action

The Soft Moon

More often than not, Granville street evokes images of barefoot drunk girls holding their heels in their hands, their arms linked in a display of…

Real Live Action

Oneohtrix Point Never

It was a loaded night: two titans of the popular experimental, hagiographies in development. Daniel Lopatin, aka Oneohtrix Point Never, returned to Vancouver on the…