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Lush Reeds

Lush Reeds is an ambiguous and elliptical story, more about alienation…and a return to nature suffused with menace and mystery.



“Many mainstream festivals around the world tend to overrepresent white male filmmakers and it was really important for us to not do that.”

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True North Shorts: Various Positions

If I were to be so bold as to characterize recurring tropes in Canadian cinema, some that come to mind include a suspicion of stable narratives, ironic sensibilities and an attention to intimacy.

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True North Shorts: Escape Routes

One of the most important aspects of VIFF is the opportunity for festival-goers to not only see how Canadian cinema is received internationally, but to see who will be defining Canadian cinema in the future.

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How does a filmmaker achieve character development? I have a newfound respect for filmmakers that make it seem intuitive, only because Genèse writer and director, Philippe Lesage does not.

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The New Romantic

“The New Romantic compares itself to classic rom-coms, but deals with complex ideas of sex work, consent and journalistic ethics. Something apparently subversive and modern, but stylized as sweet.”

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Mori, The Artist’s Habitat

“Mori, The Artist’s Habitat is a film that lives from moment to moment within a world locked away in the backyard of Kumagai, a painter who hasn’t taken a step across the threshold separating his lush garden from the rest of Japan in many decades, spends his days taking long walks and observing the wildlife that co-exists alongside him amidst the greenery.”



“Every climate change film I’ve seen is so bogged down with overwhelming statistics and this picture of a massive problem. I wanted to bring that down to a human scale, to a family scale, that I think people can feel some resonance with.”

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VIFF 2017: Unarmed Verses

From the opening shots of Charles Officer’s documentary, Unarmed Verses, it’s clear that this is a film that embraces its setting. In typical Canadian fashion,…