Real Live Action

Holy Hum

Part three of Soft Cedar, an ‘unconventional’ series of concerts organized by The Cultch, was Holy Hum and Hello Blue Roses at the historic York…

Real Live Action

The Giving Shapes

Tucked away a block off Broadway is the Woodland House, sitting so inconspicuously among its peers that I walked straight past it on my first…


Sam Tudor

Eyes Wide Shut

“Ear aside, it kind of proposes that under all the nuclear lifestyles and well manicured neighbourhoods, there can be something ominous and dark.”



Siren Songs

“I want to juxtapose beauty and dissonance.”

Real Live Action

Boreal Sons

Boreal Sons at the Biltmore on a Monday night couldn’t have been quieter. As one of the few who arrived early, I observed the slow…