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Quiet City #51

Steady, electronic beats softly played in the background as I walked into the Fox. A soft chatter resounded within the room.The balcony, opposite the stage,…


Quiet City

“In some ways I prefer Quiet City to be an underground entity, something that one might have to seek out in order to find.”

Real Live Action

Quiet City #31

It was anything but quiet. Arriving early to the Revue Stage on Granville Island for the 31st instalment of Quiet City — one of the…

Real Live Action

Quiet City #17

Quiet City’s brief is as vague as it is intriguing: deep-listening, experimental concerts in a comfortable and intimate setting. Lost in the industrial no man’s…

Real Live Action

Quiet City #16

The spring equinox on March 20 marks the first day of our hemisphere’s ascent from ice, snow, and cold, but in Vancouver — where no snow…