“I hadn’t played drums in almost a decade…It was magic.”

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With their third LP, Montreal’s brightest post-punk group explores the reaches of the genre. Polished and tightly packed at a tidy 40 minutes, it proves…

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Painted Fruit

Following a tour with Vancouver glam legend Johnny de Courcy, Painted Fruit has released their second and final album, PF II. Two of the members…

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Puzzlehead’s collection of garage-punk angst can be a challenge, but by no stretch is the album unlistenable. Rather, it gives the impression of containing two…

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“Were we to undertake an exhaustive self-scrutiny, disgust would paralyze us…” -E. M. Cioran Any time spent reflecting upon social interaction inevitably convenes upon gestures,…

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Cheap High

Cheap High has been described as both a punk and a post-punk band, and truthfully, it is both. Subterranean Suburbia successfully marries the two genres,…

Real Live Action

Are We Not?

There is something self indulgent for the performers and audience alike when it comes to tribute bands. Everyone is getting what they want out of…



Discorder Magazine and CiTR are happy to announce that Anchoress is back. After a 3-year hiatus and an incidental title clash with Beyoncé, the punk band returns with…

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Despite the onset of summer and the inevitable stream of sunshine-filled-pop anthems and beach clad Vancouverites, local gothic post-punk duo Brittany Westgarth and Sam Buss…


Verboden Festival

April is a lucky month for Vancouver; it will contain the first annual instalment of Verboden, a two day post punk, EBM, and dark wave…