Discorder Magazine and CiTR are happy to announce that Anchoress is back. After a 3-year hiatus and an incidental title clash with Beyoncé, the punk band returns with a tangy new EP, T.E.P.F.K.A.L. (The EP Formerly Known As Lemonade).

Dubbing their EP with the acronym serves more as a note to themselves than an official title, though it fits the series of “The”s. With a full 10-track album due sometime in the fall, T.E.P.F.K.A.L. is just the beginning of their comeback, as Anchoress drummer Chris Lennox-Aasen effusively puts it:

“It’s been too long since we released any new music — So here’s some new music. More new music is coming very soon, along with a Canadian tour. Details to come on all of that soon as well. Stay frosty.” 

Recorded at Vancouver’s Rain City Recorders, “The Goddamn Guitarzan” features vocals by Courtney Karg, while “The Fucking Catalina Wine Mixer” threads in a gobbet from Step Brothers, which the band argues as “one of the best movies ever.”

Visit Anchoress’ Facebook page for shows and updates.