CiTR Charts May 10th, 2016


Ashley Shadow two weeks at the top.


1 Ashley Shadow*+ Ashley Shadow Felte

2 Sightlines*+ North Big Smoke

3 Tim Hecker* Love Streams Paper Bag

4 Black Mountain*+ IV Dine Alone

5 Late Spring*+ Invisible Agony Klub

6 Chris Coole* The Tumbling River And Other Stories Self-Released

7 Big John Bates* From The Bestiary To The Leathering Room Frontman

8 Suuns* Hold / Still Secret City

9 Doomsquad* Total Time Hand Drawn Dracula

10 You Say Party*+ You Say Party Paper Bag

11 The Burdocks* Airplane Tracks (Reissue) Out Of Touch

12 Ace Martens*+ Palm Springs Self-Released

13 Red Mass* E.P. Rouge N. 2 Slovenly

14 Smash Boom Pow*+ Higher Power Of Desire Self-Released

15 Wishkicker*+ Por Que, Y? Self-Released

16 Various Musicworks 124 MusicWorks Magazine

17 Chris Abrahams Fluid To The Influence Room40

18 Holgans* Holgans Are Dead Shaking Box

19 The Zorgs* Chew On It Transistor 66

20 Shotgun Jimmie* Field of Trampolines You’ve Changed

21 Matthew Barber & Jill Barber* The Family Album Outside Music

22 Bart* Holomew Idee Fixe

23 The Mountain Man* Bloodlust EP Self-Released

24 Animalia* Dissonance Culvert

25 EHM Sky Patrol*+ Songs For Adults Self-Released

26 Big Knife Little Knife* Anchor Rights Self-Released

27 Ryan Huber Rule From Shadows Inam Records

28 Lal* Find Saftey Coax

29 Operators Blue Wave Last Gang

30 You’re Me*+ Plant Cell Division 1080p