Special Feature: Freeman Young

I have faith in people’s taste. If you have what it takes, people will come to you eventually and your work will be recognized for what it’s worth.

Real Live Action

Scenic Route To Alaska

The Media Club is a strange fusion of half basement, half concert hall. The ceiling is adorned with plastic chandeliers, a disco ball hanging still…

Real Live Action

Kevin Morby

On what was one of the first balmy, clothes-drenching evenings of the summer, I biked across the Georgia Viaduct, just as the sun sank low…

Real Live Action


The New Order-influenced dance rock dip of “Surf Don’t Sink” from local lad Jay Arner’s excellent eponymous Mint Records debut greeted me as I entered…

Real Live Action


Before anyone took the stage at the Media Club, I hung around the merch table and picked up a few albums. Of the combined six…