All Of Me

“I really want to feel like all my layers are in my music so I can just be like, ‘listen to my music,’ and that’s actually all of me.”


Tim The Mute

A Wail Of 2 Cities

“I don’t want to sound like Usher anyway.”



Same Band, New Scene

“Since we’ve come back from the tour, I don’t know what it is, but I feel like we’ve been playing to different people, playing to new people, and things are opening up a little bit.”

Real Live Action


I arrived at the Red Gate just before ten to catch the opening acts for the night’s show. I walked into the darkened room where…


Kevin ‘Sipreano’ Howes

Becoming Voluntary

“I don’t think that everything from the past is worthy of reappraisal. In fact, I think a lot of things are best left to the past.”

Real Live Action

Dada Plan

Dada Plan, Summering, and Ora Cogan are all bands that one could reasonably describe as “spacey.” Although the term lacks nuance and doesn’t really do…

Real Live Action

Purity Ring

The Vogue Theatre was packed for Purity Ring’s light show on Monday, June 15. Their latest release Another Eternity divided critics, with some saying they…