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We’re hiring a bunch of positions for September, some are just for UBC students and some are for any and everyone! If you want to spend your…

Under Review

Jen Currin

“In this debut collection of fiction penned by Vancouver author Jen Currin, the reader is taken through a rapid-fire series of lives coming together and unraveling, relationships budding and breaking, self awareness developing, and the hard realities met along the way.”



“Before money and amenities, any sort of warm night in the woods could play home to Vancouver’s earliest bathhouse experiences. I have even heard some epic stories from decades ago of spontaneous orgies behind the Vancouver Aquatic Centre on Beach Avenue.”



“I just decided to create what I would hope to be a utopia where […] you can come and celebrate your body, because your body is uniquely you. It’s part of your experience, it’s part of what makes you the beautiful you that you are.”


2017 Transgender Day of Remembrance

This Monday, November 20th will be the annual Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDoR). TDoR is a day of memoriam for trans/gender diverse/gender queer people who…


The Arts Report – May 30, 2012

Tonight on the Arts Report! I review my visits to Hive: the New Bees 2 at Chapel Arts and Headlines Theatre/Theatre for Living’s Corporations in…