DIY Urban Scavenging

Welcome back to the DIY series all you wonderful punks and weirdos. This issue’s edition is all about getting stuff for free. As the cost…



The zoom call starts, and as is usual for technology, there’s a hiccup. The sound isn’t working for some reason. Across the digital mirror there…


We’re hiring for September!

We’re hiring a bunch of positions for September, some are just for UBC students and some are for any and everyone! If you want to spend your…


Mind Mirror

Prior to watching Mind Mirror, I had seen very few stop-motion films, such as Coraline and Corpse Bride, and the experience was very different than what I…


Ivory Towers

“The first EP I put out, people were like ‘it’s so experimental, it’s borderline unlistenable.’ But I want to be experimental and listenable.”


Jay Arner

“It seems like we’re really ramping up to the apocalypse.”