Real Live Action

Laurel Halo

Waiting at Victoria’s Swartz Bay terminal, browsing Instagram, I came across a picture from Laurel Halo’s account, taken in Puget Sound presumably on a return…

Real Live Action

John Wiese

I was at The Getty last August. The afternoon hovered around 30°C: desultory conditions for tourists like myself. So, walking around the museum’s grounds, I…

Real Live Action

Sarah Davachi

There’s a wonderful play in Davachi’s music. It suggests the workmanlike deployment of the tools at hand (all that gear) and the focus towards sound….


Kiss Painting

Enter the basement laboratory that is Kiss Painting. It’s dingy and abrasive, made up of images, stories, moods. Everything is carefully placed, with dead noise…


Open Letters

No punk elitism, no bullshit, Open Letters has a strict all-ages show policy. The band, comprised of bassist Kyle Shields, guitarist Reuben Houweling, and drummer…



Something cuts through the near-complete static of Connect_icut’s (alias Samuel Macklin’s) sound. The music is lined with something, often a recurring set of glitchy noise,…

Under Review

Modern Charms

Modern Charms by Modern Charms Modern Charms’ self-titled debut starts strong, with a set of well-arranged tracks which let the listener get a sense of…