Jay Bagasbas

It’s late night at Fortune Sound Club and Jay Bagasbas is mixing the club’s music in the middle of the dance floor with an iPad….


Ivory Towers

“The first EP I put out, people were like ‘it’s so experimental, it’s borderline unlistenable.’ But I want to be experimental and listenable.”


Album Premiere: The Storm is Coming

Your first chance to listen to Dakk’One’s new EP, plus an intimate interview about growing up in Saskatoon and the colonial violence he raps about on this new release

Real Live Action

Winona Forever

“BB puts love first and ain’t afraid to look you in the eye,” reads the Facebook description of BB, the “dark surf rawk” trio who…

Real Live Action

U.S. Girls

Meg Remy’s long-running U.S. Girls project is far away from its noisy lo-fi pop beginnings, but anyone interested in getting their ears blown out got…

Real Live Action

Louise Burns

After driving from UBC to Main Street as fast as I safely could and running top-speed towards the Fox Cabaret, I was scared that unfortunate…