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Yves Tumor

In a recent interview for Rolling Stone, Bradford Cox of Deerhunter commented, “I’m the closest thing that our age has to a Bowie.” Of course…


DOXA 2018

“The nature of documentary is telling stories that aren’t told. The mainstream media does a good enough job of giving out certain ideas, and these films are meant to deepen conversations.”

Under Review

Mass For Shut Ins

The stereotype of Canadian film is that it situates itself in the periphery; all the more with the Maritimes. Goin’ Down the Road may be…


Geoff Dembicki

“I don’t have much interest in convincing people who deny climate science, or the urgency of action. I’m preaching to the choir, and trying to get them riled up, organized and ready to tear shit down.”

Real Live Action

Hong Kong Exile: Room 2048

“Room 2048 (2048號房) — a dream machine for the Cantonese diaspora. In digital light and smoke, we pursue a history that is not ours. A…

Real Live Action


For context, clipping. are doing well. Beyond the trio’s acclaimed releases on Sub Pop, their varied fortunes are respectively a burgeoning PhD in music theory,…

Real Live Action

WAVE Equation: Matmos

With tickets sold out, attendees seated on rows of chairs and sprawled on the floor, the Western Front’s mood was eclectic. Storied electronic artists, such…


Destroy Vancouver XVIII

I think it’s important to think about how this project started — the name “Destroy Vancouver” was about “protesting” what was happening in the city, the closing down of spaces where you could really experiment with noise or other genres.