Art d’Ecco

“If people call my look gay, then it is. That’s fucking fine by me. The point is that gender equality is what’s missing in a lot of the rock ‘n’ roll that I’m trying to bring into my sound.”


Studio Vostok

After three years in business, hundreds of shows, and a hard-­earned reputation, Mitch Ray and Taya Fraser have undertaken their next great endeavour: a venue of…


VIVO New Additions

“Hopefully more Vancouver video artists will take note of the event and start submitting their works to help put Vancouver back on the map in the global video art community.”


Big Smoke

“I completely disagree with Vancouver being the ‘No Fun City.’ We may be isolated but it’s easy to find fun stuff — If you know…


Mourning Coup

I meet Chandra Ponyboy Melting Tallow at Jericho Beach on a picture-perfect Friday afternoon. Dressed in red from head to toe, including a letterman sports…



At the magical hour of 5 p.m., on the corner of Hastings and Renfrew, it didn’t take me long to recognize the trio I had…



“It sucks that all those amazing independent venues in people’s basements are just gone now. It feels like Toronto with all those new venues moving in.”