The Courtneys

“I think we gave more respect to our creative chemistry, by pushing ourselves harder to find the best versions of the songs.”


Music Waste

Broaching touchy subjects in a tight knit community can be daunting. That being said, taking on the responsibility of having an active role in creating…

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Gal Gracen

It doesn’t always take the loudest band to garner attention. Despite the fact that Patrick Geraghty, lead vocalist and songwriter for Gal Gracen, has mentioned…

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Old Girl

Like taking a trip into an industrial coven, Victoria-based Old Girl delivers a soundscape of beautifully crafted music, both ethereal and brooding. It sweeps through…


Inherent Vices

“Things happen with people, it’s not the be all and end all of who they are.”

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There is something to be said about the simple satisfaction of a good garage‐rock album. Sightlines have been delivering upbeat, unhinged lo‐fi goodness for the past…

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Psychedelia has become a predominant genre in pop, from Tame Impala to Animal Collective. The darkness that surrounds Montreal-based Suuns is what sets them apart from…

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Jo Passed

There is something deeply pleasing and satisfying about an artfully crafted experimental-rock album. Between psychedelic sliding guitars and polished-perfect melodies, Jo Passed’s newest release Out…

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Sound of Time is odd, experimental and inaccessible for the majority of music listeners. That being said, Andrew MacGregor, AKA Gown, has accumulated an impressive…