Vancouver Tenants Union

When Being Polite Stops Working

“So many people across every single neighbourhood are fed up and frustrated with everything.”


Holy Smokes

Holy Smokes was essentially born out of frustration — a detail unrelated to the development of its name, yet fitting if you think about a…


Studio Vostok

After three years in business, hundreds of shows, and a hard-­earned reputation, Mitch Ray and Taya Fraser have undertaken their next great endeavour: a venue of…


Underground Venues

Give Us More

“The beauty of these venues is that they operate outside of universal definitions, but that could also be the biggest obstacle in obtaining legitimacy from the City … If you really want to do something badly enough you can do it.”


Heroes of Shindig: Part I

You can smell it, hanging in the dry air: the subtle whiff of mothballs on vintage merino wool; the woodsy perfume of beard oil, wafting…



“We’ve learned nothing about anything, and we’ve forgotten most of what we knew.” Drummer Bruce Dyck may be quick to crack wise about the five…