“I’m really tired of seeing four dudes on stage who look like people I would be at work with at the construction site. I want to see some flash and some excitement — something I haven’t seen in awhile, or something new.”



“I think the best pop music is designed to give you a sense of the person, or who they want you to think they are. I like to think that I’m just being honest, but that’s never been true of anybody.”

Under Review


Lately, Vancouver’s music appreciators have noticed a renewed interest in ‘60s-tinged psychedelic and surfy garage rock. Prehistoric, the latest EP offering from Abbotsford’s MALK, is…



I first met Jessica Chau about eight years ago in high school, when she took on the daunting task of tutoring me in math. Today,…


Sled Island: Colin Newman Interview

Following the legendary performance by post-punk group Wire at Sled Island 2008, Colin Newman returned as the festival’s curator in 2009 in addition to performing…