Vancouver Improvised Music Meeting 2017

Vancouver Improvised Music Meeting 2017 presents 3 nights of creative improvisation, featuring pedal steel guitarist Susan Alcorn, drummer/percussionist Ted Byrnes and saxophonist, flutist and clarinetist…

Real Live Action

WAVE Equation: Matmos

With tickets sold out, attendees seated on rows of chairs and sprawled on the floor, the Western Front’s mood was eclectic. Storied electronic artists, such…


Vancouver's Waste-Makers

On a sunny Sunday afternoon in mid-April, I arrived at the Strathcona store-front apartment of Mark Richardson, one of the main Music Waste festival organizers,…


Arts Team Review – Boulez Contra Cage

This year marks the centennial of John Cage, seminal figure in electronic  music/soundart/circuitry experimentation. He’s been celebrated at local events like Vancouver New Music Festival:…

Real Live Action


Oval- GM Sadder Thrill Jockey labelmates, Mountains and Oval, took the stage Sunday night (October 2) for yet another must-see showcase at the Western Front….