Real Live Action


For context, clipping. are doing well. Beyond the trio’s acclaimed releases on Sub Pop, their varied fortunes are respectively a burgeoning PhD in music theory,…

Real Live Action

WAVE Equation: Matmos

With tickets sold out, attendees seated on rows of chairs and sprawled on the floor, the Western Front’s mood was eclectic. Storied electronic artists, such…


Destroy Vancouver XVIII

Series Finale

I think it’s important to think about how this project started — the name “Destroy Vancouver” was about “protesting” what was happening in the city, the closing down of spaces where you could really experiment with noise or other genres.

Real Live Action

Laurel Halo

Waiting at Victoria’s Swartz Bay terminal, browsing Instagram, I came across a picture from Laurel Halo’s account, taken in Puget Sound presumably on a return…


Exclusive: Hot Art Wet City

A Conversation

Returning to the upcoming Eat Yo Self show, I am able to discuss with Bentzen briefly about the myriad instances of the anthropomorphic cannibal cultural phenomenon,…


Hot Art Wet City

What’s Up Hot Do’OHHH MY GOD!!!

“I’m able to show the art, expose it, but the artists have to push themselves.”

Real Live Action

The Residents

One prevalent comment in reviews for The Residents’ current Shadowland tour is that they, whoever they are, have been demonstrating virtuosity, repudiating the critique of…


Straight to the Head by Fraser Nixon

“Life in Shangri-La is characterized by the interaction between European and Asian cultures, with the Europeans playing the paternal role. As with the social elites…

Real Live Action

Destroy Vancouver XV

There are two preliminary notes for this review. First, for some reason, I was initially under the impression that Destroy Vancouver was a dance event….