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More Than Music

“I know that some other collectives have been criticized for being predominantly white men. I think we can be kind of proud that we’re not that.”

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Co-op’s eponymous album opens a few drum beats from cacophony. At its outset, the dissonance in “What Is Said” is jarring. However, subsequent iterations of…


Story Story Lie

As the host of Story Story Lie, Jo Dworschak has created an interactive storytelling game show and radio show that reflects her love of storytelling…



Media Democracy Takes A New Shape

“If you don’t have a media system that’s representative, if you don’t have a media system that’s going to challenge power, then we’re really at a detriment.”

Real Live Action


The first stop on their tour and their first return to Vancouver since changing their name, Preoccupations played the Rickshaw to support their eponymous album,…

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A Tribe Called Red

We Are the Halluci Nation is the most ambitious and cohesive album from A Tribe Called Red (or, ATCR) to date. The album is also…

Real Live Action

Julien Baker

The crowd at the Cobalt fell silent the moment Julien Baker stepped on stage. Unintroduced and unaccompanied, she kept her face turned to her guitar and began…

Real Live Action


I arrived at the Red Gate just before ten to catch the opening acts for the night’s show. I walked into the darkened room where…

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Vancouver ambient electronic artist Spencer Davis has moved away from his Nervous Operator pseudonym to record under a new name. Usd.’s genre is self‐described as industrial dub…

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The opening track on Brevner, “Chico,” samples dialogue from Scarface. Tony Montana explains to his companion Chico what he wants: “The world, Chico, and everything…